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Shibuya Crossing

The Shibuya crossing series consists of 10 handmade photo collages that are made with great care and precision. Thin strips of paper provide a light relief and extra dimension in an imaginative visualization.

Tokyo's legendary Shibuya intersection is the busiest intersection in the world. An endless movement of people. It is therefore a wonderful contrast to the serenity and calm that a Japanese geisha radiates. a beautiful representation of reality and thought.

About the method

Contrast is central, both for the themes and for the method. Only the most beautiful and stricking pictures were selected. Then these photos were digitally combined with each other and, before printing, compressed up to half with the computer. This means that they stay sharp and not a single detail is lost. Then the photos are cut by hand and carefully glued together. The effect of the compression is alienating. The images merge and complement each other.

About the artist

Marijke Bosmans is Belgian, but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for a long time. She now lives with her husband in Cologne, Germany for 12 years. She loves Japanese food, art, science fiction and fantasy novels.

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  • Shibuya Crossing 2
    Shibuya Crossing 2
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 3
    Shibuya Crossing 3
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 4
    Shibuya Crossing 4
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 6
    Shibuya Crossing 6
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 7
    Shibuya Crossing 7
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 8
    Shibuya Crossing 8
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 9
    Shibuya Crossing 9
    € 190,00
  • Shibuya Crossing 10
    Shibuya Crossing 10
    € 190,00

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