Frequently asked questions 

-What is the material of the crane birds that you use for the earrings?

I make the cranes of a kind of plastic with patterns and depth. This makes them slightly more difficult to fold but once they are modeled in the shape I like, they are very strong and resilient. They can get wet and can withstand rough handling.

Do you make everything yourself?

I have indeed folded every little crane bird myself.

Do you also have discount promotions?

Yes, sometimes there are promotions and discount promotions. Keep an eye on the Facebook website of A 1000 Cranes. The facebook page atm still in Dutch language.

-How do you send the items?

I try to send everything the same day with a track & trace code. Ordered before 1 pm on working days arrives often already the next day if your  shippingadres is in the Netherlands. The personalized items take a bit longer, of course, but I try to finish and send all creations within a week.Still working on enabling to shipping to other countries, Belgium and Germany are already activated and more cpuntries will follow in time. But if you see something you like and your country is not in the list, please send me a message and I will do my best to make it work :)

-How do you fold those cranebirds so small? do you use tweezers?

No use of tweezers needed. I fold everything with just my hands. it takes concentration, patience and love and ofcourse I've had a lot of practice in the past years. See here a video how I make them.

-Shampoo that looks like soap, how is that possible?

A Shampoo bar is a compact version of 4 bottles full of shampoo, minus the water. This is because normal shampoo consists mainly of water. A shampoo bar is compact, has a long shelf life and is economical, practical and beautiful to use. No additional packaging material is required. The shampoo bar is shipped in a box made from recycled cardboard but in the shower you can lay them on a soap holder.

-How do you make that shampoo?

The solid shampoo and body bar is based on 'solid shampoo base' that I have bought in bulk at online-zeepwinkel.nl. To this I added natural ingredients and cast them in a pretty crane bird mold.

-Is the shampoo suitable for every hair type?

I have noticed that it is especially popular for people who have wild/untamable hair who want to keep it under control. People with a lot of hair and / or rough hair find the shampoo very nice. The aloe vera in the shampoo works as a conditioner and the shampoo is great for every day use. 


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