Origami cat necklace

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Cats are bringers of happiness and luck.

An old Japanese legend tells about a cat that lived in an impoverished temple. The priests of this temple were so poor that they barely had anything to eat, but the few food they had shared with this cat. One day a few samurai warriors passed by, in the pouring rain and thunder. The thunderstorm got fiercer and fiercer and they decided to take shelter under a tree, near the temple. The cat enticed the samurai with purrs and charm to go into the temple. A few moments later, the tree under which they had stood was struck by a huge lightning setting the. The cat had saved them from a certain death. As a thank you, the samurai gave the temple a large sum of money. The cat was honored as a bringer of hospitality and happiness.

Looking for a lucky cat? Then choose this beautiful origami cat on a beautiful gold chain. A nice gift to give or receive.

material: zinc alloy (lead free and nickel free)

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